Occupational & Physical

At Excel, both physical and occupational therapists are trained and competent in assessing, recognizing, and treating sensory integration dysfunction and autism spectrum disorders. All of our clinicians have the ability to aggressively and successfully treat symptoms affecting your child’s nervous system.
Adult helping a kid with hand exercises

Occupational Therapy

In the clinical setting, the occupational therapist evaluates and treats performance and independence in the areas of hand skills (fine motor), self-care, visual motor, visual perception and graphomotor skills (handwriting). Occupational therapists also address feeding skills, sensory integration, motor development, environmental exploration, play skills, adaptive behavior, and interactions between a child and others (including caregivers and peers). Treatment is designed to address the cause of the weaknesses and improve function in those areas. Our clinicians are uniquely skilled and have experience in the areas of traditional OT, orthopedic, neurological, oral-motor, and sensory processing problems.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment/intervention, and rehabilitation.  At Excel, physical therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of developmental delays, disease, and injury. These often interfere with the natural development process or ability of the child to interact and move within their environment. Treatments focus on improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, strength and endurance as well as cognitive and sensory integration.  Many disorders can benefit from physical therapy treatment; a few of these are: Cerebral Palsy, Pervasive Developmental Delay, Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Down’s syndrome and Autism. Our physical therapists have years of pediatric treatment experience in the areas of orthopedic, neurological, and sensory processing problems.

Developmental Survey

Complete the appropriate survey for your child to help guide you to your next step.
1 Year Old Developmental Survey

Development Survey (1 Year Old)

Does Your Child Have…
1. Enjoy imitating people in play?(Required)
2. Repeat sounds or gestures for attention?(Required)
3. Finger-feed himself?(Required)
4. Move into the sitting position unassisted?(Required)
5. Walk while holding onto furniture?(Required)
6. Creep/crawl on hands and knees?(Required)
7. Respond to simple verbal requests?(Required)
8. Try to imitate words?(Required)
9. Say"mama" and "dada"?(Required)
10. Respond when told "no"?(Required)
11. Use simple gestures? (shaking head no, waving, etc.)(Required)
12. Find an object you have covered with a blanket?(Required)
13. Paint at objects and/or pictures?(Required)
14. Use objects correctly in play? (drink from cup, talk on phone, etc.)(Required)
15. Pull themself to standing?(Required)
2 Year Old Developmental Survey

Development Survey (2 Year Old)

Does Your Child Have…
1. Exhibit a mature heel to toe walking technique?(Required)
2. Use two to four word sentences?(Required)
3. Know the function of common household items?(Required)
4. Imitate actions and words?(Required)
5. Follow simple instructions?(Required)
6. Pushed a wheel toy?(Required)
7. Walk up and down stairs holding support bar?(Required)
8. Run?(Required)
9. Kick a ball?(Required)
10. Pull toys while walking?(Required)
11. Scribble spontaneously?(Required)
12. Demonstrate imaginative/pretend play?(Required)
13. Sort by shapes and colors?(Required)
14. Pour things from one container to another?(Required)
15. Get enthusiastic over the company of other children?(Required)
3 Year Old Developmental Survey

Development Survey (3 Year Old)

Does Your Child Have…
1. Go up and down the stairs without support?(Required)
2. Throw a ball overhand?(Required)
3. Jump in place?(Required)
4. Pedal a tricycle?(Required)
5. String 2-3 beads?(Required)
6. Cut paper with scissors?(Required)
7. Part from parents with ease?(Required)
8. Show interest in interactive games?(Required)
9. Engage in play with peers?(Required)
10. Respond to people outside your family?(Required)
11. Engage in fantasy/imaginative play?(Required)
12. Copy a circle?(Required)
13. Exhibit self control when mad or upset?(Required)
14. Use sentences of more than 3 words?(Required)
15. Use me and you properly?(Required)
4 Year Old Developmental Survey

Development Survey (4 Year Old)

Does Your Child Have…
1. Wash and dry her hands?(Required)
2. Brush own teeth efficiently?(Required)
3. Dress and undress herself?(Required)
4. Build a tower of 9-10 blocks?(Required)
5. Recall daily activities and experiences?(Required)
6. Differentiate with fantasy and reality?(Required)
7. Eat, sleep, and use the toilet well?(Required)
8. Interact with other children and adults?(Required)
9. Engage in a wide range of activities?(Required)
10. Hop forward on one foot, at least 5 steps?(Required)
11. Stay focused on one activity for more than 5 minutes?(Required)
12. Run and stop without falling?(Required)
13. Have a willingness to experience new things & people?(Required)
14. Play with others without being overly aggressive?(Required)
15. Understand two-part commands with prepositions?(Required)

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