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Recreational gym for children

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What Will My Child See?

Two fun and uniquely designed gym spaces—one that is 1,800 square feet and another that is 1,100 square feet. A well-equipped gym that includes both linear and rotary movement and intense kinesthetic input is important for improving nervous system function. Without the proper equipment, the needed intensity to truly bring about changes and functional progress will be difficult to attain. The wide variety of equipment allows for optimal nervous system support while challenging physical abilities. An environment of challenge and novelty can evolve with your child’s abilities and promote the fastest progress.
We also have three state-of-the-art fine motor rooms with both modern and traditional tools needed for fine motor development and visual-motor processing.
Our speech therapy rooms are fully equipped to treat a multitude of speech-language and oral motor deficiencies. The ever-changing themes and curriculum utilized by our speech department is ideal for both engagement and enhancement.
Recreational gym for children

Who Will My Child Meet?

A physical, occupational or speech therapist dedicated to providing the most current and effective treatment available. Our therapists have certifications in a variety of areas including Therapeutic Listening, Interactive Metronome, VitalStim, SIPT Certification, Wilbarger protocol, Astronaut Program, and handwriting. You will not find a better trained staff in the DFW area.
Female Therapist assisting a child

What Will My Child Do?

Every child’s evaluation includes a combination of standardized assessment, subjective testing, clinical observations, and caregiver input. We follow that with an extensive parent conference that includes caregiver education, in-depth explanation of results, and transparent expectations. The therapist might suggest other services that Excel offers. The Multi-disciplinary approach offered at Excel is one of our greatest assets. Our patients get the care they need for multiple weaknesses under one roof. Our specialized understanding of the nervous system is why we treat the underlying issue, not just the symptoms.
Each child begins with an individualized treatment plan that directly reflects their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The plan is re-assessed throughout treatment and adapted as necessary for progress. Your family will be instructed in a home program that is also critical to progress.
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The Excel Way

The unique and individualized programs that we carefully develop will improve your child’s brain function and nervous system efficiency. Any disruption or misfire in the brain’s purpose or ability, will impact social, behavioral, psychological, and physical areas of a child’s development. At Excel Pediatric Therapy, any child with a neurological condition; such as ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Sensory Dysfunction, Autism Spectrum disorders, etc., can have significant improvements on a regular basis. These results may be seen swiftly; and will continue throughout a lifetime, even after treatment is completed. You can avoid months, or even years of frustration and dead ends by finding your child’s path to a better way. Your child deserves a chance for success today.